Privacy Policy

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At Everything Sweden, we have a number of things running in the background to make this site better.

You can track these tools yourself and learn more about them using a tool called Ghostery.


We collect anonymous data about our users to better understand how they use the website and how we can improve you experience here. To do this, we use the following tools:

  • Google Analytics – to collect website usage data
  • HotJar – to collect heat map and mouse tracking data
  • Google AdWords – for advertising
  • Google AdSense – to host and manage advertising on our website
  • Facebook – to collect cookies for our visitors on the Facebook network
  • Optimizley – to run tests and optimisation on the website

If you decide to give your email in one of our newsletter forms, we use this for our newsletter lists, managed in Mailchimp. All email address on our newsletter list and collected from our contact form and comments boxes are not shared or sold. You email is only kept between us and Mailchimp.


From time to time we offer advertising on Everything Sweden from a third party. This can either be a deal made between the third party and Everything Sweden, or via the Google AdSense network. Again all your data is anonymous. If you do click on an advert or take up an offer from an advertiser, Everything Sweden can not be held responsible for your experience from the third party.


For more questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via our contact page.