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5 emergency numbers to save in your phone

June 27, 2016

Being new in a country is always a bit weird and a little scary. Knowing where to turn takes time to learn, so here are a few essentials emergency numbers to save in your phone when you first arrive in Sweden.

#1 - Emergency Services

In an emergency, call 112. This will put you in touch with the Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department, etc. They can help you in English, but stay calm when speaking with them.

To speak with the police about a crime or to leave a tip or report, you can call 114 14.

#2 - SOS Alarm Accidents and Crises

Sweden launched an SOS Alarm service a few years ago to help people alert the emergency services of non-emergency issues and to prevent people calling 112 and taking up valuable resources.

If you see an accident or need some help in a strange situation, call 113 13. They can give you help and assistance in English.

113 13 - emergency numbers

#3 - Healthcare

Sweden has a service called Vårdguiden which can give you 24/7 healthcare advice (sjukvårdsrådgivning in Swedish) over the phone, as well as information on where to go to get the care you need. Just call 1177 to speak with them.

Their website gives great healthcare advice too to help you research your issues and symptoms before calling and visiting a doctor.

vårdguiden website

#4 - Creditcard and Bank Helplines

Whether you’ve just got your first Swedish bank card or are still using your cards from your home country, make sure you’ve got their numbers saved on your phone for things like balance checks and in case you need to report a card lost or stolen.

#5 - A Neighbour (rare but helpful)

If you become friendly with your neighbours, try and get their number to in case you need to call each other and help with apartment issues like checking the doors are locked and watering plants (if you’re really friendly). Most Swedes may find this odd but it could be a helpful connection.

Any other emergency numbers?

I hope this article is useful and if there are any emergency numbers you think should be added then please let me know in the comments!

Photo Credits: Helena Wahlman/imagebank.sweden.se