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Things To Do In Stockholm

March 30, 2016

If you do a simple Google search, you will see endless lists of things to do in Stockholm. This is another one of those lists, but I want this one to be different. Here, we’ve broken down the top things to do in Stockholm, as recommended and voted for by expats living here. I’ve thought about someone coming to Stockholm for a weekend and wanting to get a flavour of the city.

Things To Do In Stockholm - A simple 4-day visit

To begin with, I’d spend one day in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) to get a feel for the history of Stockholm. Have a wander around and see the old cosy cobbled streets and take a fika (coffee break). I’d avoid this place for dinner as the food is overpriced and good at best.

On your 2nd day, check Södermalmn, which is the hipster/SOFO type area in Stockholm. The SOFO, Nytorget, and Medborgarplatsen areas are the real hipster places.

3rd day check Östermalm for the posh end of town. Take a fika at Cafe Saturnus and then take the tram to Djurården. This is a big island and a huge park for some great walking in the city, with an out of city feel. Djurården also has its own living national museum called Skansen. Tickets cost around 150-180 SEK. Finally, there is a great theme park called Gröna Lund which is open during the summer and hosts a really good music festival throughout the summer.

If you have time, take a boat to a place called Vaxholm. It takes around an hour to get to the island which is out in the archipelago, but that’s a great place and something a little different. You can get the boat from outside the Grand Hotel.

You can check sl.se for all train/boat/bus times.


If you are looking for something a little more lively in the evenings, Stockholm has some great things to do at night.

Visit the bar called Ugglan if you want drinks and games like pinball, paceman, boules, and ping pong). A great bar with a huge beer selection is Akurat or another close by called Oliver Twist.

If you are looking for the hipster nightlife, Trägården is the place to head to, and look around Östermalm for “clubs”.

Finally, every visit to Stockholm needs to go to Sjätte Tunnan for a traditional Viking bar.

Some personal favourites

If you are looking for food and drink that is a little different, take a look at Bierhaus near Rådmansgatan. It’s a German-style bar selling great German beers and Bratwurst. Well worth a visit.

Finally, Moderna Museet is one of the best museums in Europe for modern art, and the famous Vasa Museum holds the 17th Century ship built by Gustav Vasa that sank on its maiden voyage.

I’d love to hear about your favourite experiences in Stockholm and some your own ideas of things to do in Stockholm. Let me know in the comments!

Photo Credits: Henrik Trygg/imagebank.sweden.se