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Supermarkets in Sweden

September 29, 2015

When I first came to Stockholm, I had no idea of where to buy food and groceries. So just for you, I’ve compiled a list of the top supermarkets in Sweden and which are my favourites and what each specialist in.

Quick note. In Sweden, supermarkets charge you for plastic bags. All supermarkets sell plastic and paper bags for 1-2kr each so save your plastic bags, bring them next time, or invest in a “dramaten” (like a bag on wheels that you normally see old ladies using).

Second thing. More stores are making customers weigh their own fruit and vegetables and add a price label, so look out for these as it’s so stressful to get to the self-service checkout and have to look for a machine and apologise to some angry, hungry Swedish people (förlåt is the word for sorry by the way).

The Top Supermarkets in Sweden


Everyone knows 7-Eleven and there is one on every corner in Sweden.



Coop is the ecological store for Swedes. They have a very ‘green’ concept and try and specialise in fruit and vegetables, almost like a farmers market. It’s a little more expensive than other stores but a good place if you are looking for some alternative, eco foods, and also health foods.



Hemköp is a good store that offers everything you need. It’s just like any normal supermarket offering food and things you need at home.



ICA is a very popular store in Sweden and most people either shop at ICA or Hemköp. Offers the same range as Hemköp but with a better range of foreign and premium foods.



Pressbyrån is the Swedish equivalent of 7-Eleven. They specialise in convince products and small snacks like chips (crisps for UK readers), hot dogs, lottery tickets, snus, and more.



Willys is a great store and focuses on offering great products at the lowest price. Unlike stores like Lidl, Willys offers a great range of top name brands at probably the lowest prices in Sweden. Normally not in the most convenient locations (not always super close to the metro).


So here is just a shortlist of the top supermarkets in Sweden that I have been to and shop at. I hope this gives a good start for you guys.

p.s. there is a bigger list on Wikipedia.