Everything Sweden


July 27, 2014

June is the time when the college students graduate in Sweden (Studenten) and they do so in style! Of course they have the standard dinner party but Swedish students graduate and party on a Flak.

The Studentflak!

This is literally a lorry that students rent, put huge speakers in it, 500 beers and drive around town for a party. You drive from your college through town for about 2 hours just jumping around, dancing, drinking beers and having a great time. I was lucky enough to go on one of these last year with my girlfriends brother when he graduated. It’s a strange experience for me since my college graduation was s standard final meeting/down the pub/leavers ball affair.

But Studentflaks are big business in Sweden and to get an idea of what they look like, I managed to film some driving past my apartment.


You can hear these lorries about 10 minutes before you see them as they are so loud and most of the time there is a water trail behind from spilt beer.

Because you need to be 20 to buy ‘real’ beer in Sweden, the Studentflak lorries use cheap beer from the shops (does not taste great) and either drink it/throw it around/spray it over each other. This is my experience below. Messy! Everything you wear will smell of beer for weeks so wear it and prepare to lose it. What was worse for me was I had a dinner party straight after my Studentflak experience and beer is not so easy to wash out of your hair, and makes things a bit weird when you first meet family members you have never met.

p.s. Sorry for the terrible quality and shaky filming. I had a terrible phone and was leaning out of a 4th floor window.