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Staying in touch when living in Sweden

May 01, 2016

Once you’ve settled in Sweden, you’re going to need to stay in touch with friends, family, loved ones and the rest.

If you’re moving to Sweden, it’s going to be a new and interesting places, with lots of challenged and cultural differences that you might not be prepared for.

In this day and age, staying in touch is easier than ever. There are so many tools and apps that let you stay in touch with everyone for free or a super low cost. This article is totally unsponsored and is more of a list of the ways I contact my friends and family across the world.

Top Tools for Staying In Touch

1. Rebtel

If you like making regular phone calls, but don’t want to pay the super high international rates, try Rebtel. Here you can call a local number which redirects to any number you give them and call like normal. Prices vary, but with this and their app, you can call whoever you need.

2. FaceTime

For Mac and iOS users, FaceTime is a great and super easy app to call anywhere. You can use FaceTime audio to call like a regular phone (to other FaceTime users) or use their video feature for the full experience. I think the quality of FaceTime is a little better than Skype.

3. Skype

I sometimes come back to Skype when FaceTime is not performing so well. The Skype everyone knows and love. They also have a phone calling feature, where you can add credit to your Skype account and call landline and mobile phones across the world.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great messaging app to message anyone. Also easy to use to everyone from your grandparents to your sister can use it and stay in touch all day.

5. Write a blog

When I first moved to Sweden, I wrote a blog (which then became Everything Sweden) so I could share my experiences and new environment with my friends and family. This is so easy to get started with using platforms like Wordpress (free) and Squarespace (paid) and you can just write about what you’ve seen, been up to and what is new.

So that’s a short guide on how to stay in touch with friends and family whilst you are living in Sweden.

I’d love to know what tools and apps you’ve been using or plan on using. Let me know in the comments.

Photo Credits: Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se