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5 Tips for Expats Moving to Sweden

May 28, 2016

Planning a move from the states to Sweden will bring about mixed emotions. The process of international relocation isn’t something that anyone needs to take on alone. With some guidance and tips from the experts, you can get the process of moving to Sweden rolling.

1. Research Sweden.

If you haven’t been to Sweden before, try to visit before the move. If you can’t visit before the relocation, do as much research as you can about the country. Become knowledgeable of your future surroundings and its culture before the move.

2. Start packing right away.

Pack everything you’re planning to bring with you as soon as you book with an international mover. Check with the Embassy of Sweden to assure that all your items are permitted into the country. Pack lightly and make sure all boxes are labeled legibly.

3. Bring your own vehicle.

Overseas auto transport is a difficult process. Hire an reputable transport company who frequently ships cars to Sweden to make the process much easier. Allow them to help you gather the proper documentation and clear the vehicle for Customs. Having your own vehicle in Sweden will make it much easier to experience your new surroundings without the need for public transportation.

4. Keep a checklist.

It is imperative that you stay on top of all matters involved with the move. By creating a list of things to do before the relocation, you will stay more organized. Don’t hesitate to write every single detail down. It will only assure a smoother relocation. Continue to cross things off the list as you complete them. There is a just landed checklist available here.

5. Prepare all pertinent documents.

Get all the documentation needed for Customs gathered and ready before the relocation is set to begin. International relocations need a lot of paperwork. You’ll need a passport or visa, a license, and many other similar documents. You must have everything required or the relocation will not be possible.

By following the well-guided tips and advice given, you won’t have any problems with your relocation. It is important that you address all facets and that you have every piece of documentation. The best way to tend to these matters is by hiring a reputable international moving company.

Enjoy Your New Surroundings

Sweden is full of breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife. You’ll also view beautifully lit city skylines. Entering the country will be overwhelming at first, but don’t hesitate to explore after you settle in. Learn the language and make friends to make the transition easier. As an expat, you may miss home at first, but once you immerse in the culture and natural beauty of Sweden, you will fall in love.

This is a guest post from Jason Mueller at A-1 Auto Transport.

Photo Credits: Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se